2006-06-26 Frédéric JollitonAdded gensyms to force-local-exit macro. master
2006-06-25 Frédéric Jollitonversion 0.1.3 - Updated README and system v0.1.3
2006-06-25 Frédéric JollitonUpdated examples. Added chm-enum.
2006-06-25 Frédéric JollitonAdded force-local-exit macro. Use it in chm-enumerator...
2006-06-19 Frédéric Jollitonversion 0.1.2 - Updated README v0.1.2
2006-06-19 Frédéric Jollitonchm-retrieve-object: result as an array of (unsigned...
2006-05-29 Frédéric Jollitonwith-chm-unit-info: body is now in a let form
2006-05-29 Frédéric Jollitonversion 0.1.1 - Updated README v0.1.1
2006-05-29 Frédéric Jollitonwith-chm: body is now in a let form (to allow declarati...
2006-05-26 Frédéric JollitonAdded README file v0.1
2006-05-26 Frédéric JollitonAdded examples package
2006-05-26 Frédéric JollitonExported constants. Added documentation strings and...
2006-05-25 Frédéric JollitonMore chmlib functions covered. Various changes.
2006-05-25 Frédéric JollitonInitial import