2010-09-25 Frédéric JollitonVersion 0.1.4b master
2010-09-25 Frédéric JollitonUpdate manifest.
2010-09-25 Frédéric JollitonAdd doc.lisp (used to build the images for the document...
2010-09-25 Frédéric Jollitonupdate-state: handle nested lists.
2010-09-25 Frédéric Jollitoncosmetic: drop package prefix.
2010-09-25 Frédéric Jollitoncosmetic: factor code.
2010-09-25 Frédéric JollitonFix auto-orientation.
2010-09-25 Frédéric Jollitoncosmetic: setf->setq
2010-09-25 Frédéric Jollitoncosmetic: docstring update + formatting
2007-05-28 Frédéric JollitonFix lang-o (reversed -> reverted)
2007-05-20 Frédéric JollitonAdded paths:path-transform-as-marker.
2007-05-20 Frédéric Jollitonpath-{translate,rotate,scale} can now take list of...
2007-05-20 Frédéric JollitonAllows to use auto-orientation in paths-ttf.
2007-05-20 Frédéric JollitonAdded paths-ttf:make-string-path.
2007-05-20 Frédéric JollitonConditionnaly handle kerning.
2007-05-20 Frédéric JollitonAdd auto-orientation support.
2007-04-10 Frédéric JollitonFixed :licence keywords in ASDF files.
2007-03-14 Frédéric JollitonVersion 0.1.3
2007-03-13 Frédéric JollitonUpdated cl-aa system to include aa-bin.lisp.
2007-03-13 Frédéric JollitonExtended CL-AA protocol.
2007-03-13 Frédéric JollitonAdded cl-aa-bin, a version of cl-aa specialized for...
2007-03-13 Frédéric JollitonFixed filter-distinct to really eliminate zero-length...
2007-03-08 Frédéric JollitonVersion 0.1.2
2007-03-08 Frédéric Jollitondocstring update.
2007-03-08 Frédéric JollitonUpdated make-circle-path to construct simpler path.
2007-03-08 Frédéric JollitonFix dash transformation for arcs.
2007-03-07 Frédéric JollitonChanged update-state to accept either a path or a list...
2007-03-07 Frédéric JollitonMinor update
2007-03-07 Frédéric JollitonFixed make-circle-path.
2007-03-07 Frédéric JollitonVersion 0.1.1
2007-03-07 Frédéric JollitonFixed cl-aa.asd.
2007-03-07 Frédéric JollitonInitial import.