Added access to effective ACL rights.
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2006-10-29 Frédéric JollitonAdded access to effective ACL rights.
2006-10-27 Frédéric JollitonUpdated TTL behavior to be consistent everywhere.
2006-10-27 Frédéric JollitonUpdated acl.AclBy{Id,Name} to return default entries.
2006-10-27 Frédéric JollitonAdded acl.EffectiveAclBy{Id,Name} classes.
2006-10-25 Frédéric JollitonAdded __slots__ to all classes.
2006-10-23 Frédéric JollitonUpdated rsbac.errors to use getErrorName.
2006-10-21 Frédéric JollitonFixed acl.clear() for objects.defaultProcess. Fixed...
2006-10-21 Frédéric JollitonInitial import