Added rc.findType and rc.findRole.
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2006-11-05 Frédéric JollitonAdded rc.findType and rc.findRole.
2006-11-05 Frédéric JollitonFixed rc.grand and rc.revoke functions.
2006-10-28 Frédéric JollitonAdded _utils.{ttlToTuple,tupleToTtl}. Fixed TTL uses...
2006-10-25 Frédéric JollitonFixed another attribute definition. Added __weakref__...
2006-10-25 Frédéric JollitonFixed attributes definition in rc.RoleBase.
2006-10-25 Frédéric JollitonAdded __slots__ to all classes.
2006-10-23 Frédéric JollitonUpdated rsbac.errors to use getErrorName.
2006-10-22 Frédéric JollitonCosmetic changes to some docstring and comment.
2006-10-22 Frédéric JollitonTiny change for rc.Role.__repr__.
2006-10-22 Frédéric JollitonAdded findUnnamedType{s,}, cloneType, Type.copyTo and...
2006-10-22 Frédéric JollitonFix attribute name in rc.Role.
2006-10-21 Frédéric JollitonInitial import